As the oldest urban center of Vietnam, Hanoi’s Old Quarter (also known as the 36 streets) has a history that spans at least 1000 years with the formation and development of Thang Long – Hanoi. Also, the old name of Hanoi, Ke Cho – a marketplace – recognises its primary trading role and its ancient cultural heritage. From the craft villages around the ancient Thang Long citadel, Hanoi’s famous craftsmen gather here by area to work together to create traditional craft quarters featuring the peculiarities of the capital’s residents. Almost all the streets that developed here are called ‘Hàng’ (which means merchandise or shop), followed by the name of their product. Each street has a similar group of traders expert in one particular field in line with the business criteria of “buying with friends, selling with wards”.

The textile craft tradition used to be associated with Hang Vai (Street of Fabrics), Hang Bong (Street of Cotton), Hang Gai (Street of Hemp), Hang Dao (Silk Dyer Street), Hang Ngang (Street of Silk and Crepe), Hang Theu (Embroidery Street), Hang Chi (Street of Threads), Hang Da (Street of Leather)… These streets are famous for silk and cotton making, dyeing, weaving, embroidery, sewing… and many of which have been changed under the impact of urbanization. Walking through Hanoi’s Old Quarter, we can perceive the beauty and better appreciate the heritage and tradition that is still alive in its alleys, streets, the old houses and on the roofs of the hundred-year-old temples and shrines, and share the story about streets of fabrics, textile along with time. The walking tour introduces more the galleries, shops, artisans, artists, merchants, etc., currently producing, trading, collecting traditional and contemporary products, giving the Old Quarter an colorful slice about the textile craft and costumes of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

During this tour, we had the opportunity to meet Ms. Truong Thuy – the founder and collector of the Chie DùPùDùPà gallery displaying original unique items and costumes from Thai, Lao, Hmong, and Dao ethnic groups… We will listen to the cultural and traditional patterns stories, then join in the workshop to customize your own products from available patterns of handmade fabrics.


  • Time: 9:00 – 15:00
  • Starting point: Chie DuPuDuPa, 66 Hang Trong, Hanoi.
  • Number of participants: 5-8 people.
  • Language: Vietnamese and English.
  • Price: 600,000 VND (25$)/person, including the guide fee, workshop experience and creative products from pattern fabrics, lunch and drinks during the trip.

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