Textile workshop development for Lo Lo artisan, 2018, Ha Giang

We are very pleased to be invited by Volunteer For Education to develop the textile workshop for Lo Lo artisans in Lo Lo Chai village, Lung Cu, Ha Giang. The consultant team include Nguyen Huyen – founder and coordinator of Textile Linker project, Hoang Dao – lecturer of Hanoi Fine Arts University and researcher of Vietnamese traditional costume and Linh Trinh – designer. We took 3 months for researching and realized two field trips to frame the weaving and embroidery workshop with the Lo Lo artisan. Cross-stitch is the most remarquable embroidery of Lo Lo artisans in Lung Cu with the mix of 5 colors threads (red, green, blue, yellow, white) on black fabric. Whereas the hand-weaving is also very special when the Lo Lo artisans body becomes the weaving loom, with his belly and legs framing the loom. Hope you will have the chance to go to Lo Lo Chai and join to the textile workshop with Volunteer For Education.