• Hemp making

    “Only wearing hemp cloth that avoid losing ancestors.”
    “Those who cannot make hemp white do not have a good heart.”
    – Ancient Hmong proverb –
    Hemp plant and hemp weaving has been an indispensable part of Hmong culture. Symbolically hemp represents various aspects of life for the Hmong. Because it is well known for its strength, it symbolizes […]


    The Hmong are particularly skillful at batik. With batik, they are able to make multiple patterns on indigo backgrounds, such as snail designs, zigzags, and other meaningful patterns for skirts, pick-aback baby carriers, etc. It may be difficult to comprehend all the meanings of patterns but it is quite impressive to learn the meaningful stories […]


    Ikat is traditional decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. Thai artisan apply this techniques when tie-dyeing weft threads with natural ingredients before hand-weaving.


    The fabrics are handwoven by Thai artisans. Each pattern has the story. The natural world is reflected on various patterns. The motifs are often symmetrical, reflecting the conception of harmony, the eternal life, the cosmic conception, the yin and yang philosophy, the earth and the universe. They can weave also the mythical animals (dragon, phoenix), […]


    Thai artisans are skillful to create pattern by hand-embroidery. Thai people often say that “Hold hands down, then see the cloud, raised hands to see flowers “. Brocade making is a very important culture, attached to the Thai from birth, grow up until the return to the “sky”. Each brocade starts with cotton, silkworms, spinning, […]


    Thai ethnic artisans are masterful of working with natural dyes taken from the garden, grey from tea leaves, lime green from terminalia catappa leaves, yellow from fibraurea or pink from tree park “Phang”. They also use the traditional Japanese technique of Shibori fold and tie-dyeing to create repeat pattern.

  • Silk making

    For Thai ethnic people, silk making has been existed for such a long time for the family needs and to use as dowry when girl comes to her husband’s house. They need plant mulberry to grow silkworms which are become silk cocoons. After, they take silk yarn from silk cocoons.