Materials & Processes
  • Homegrown cotton making

    This video is filmed in 2018 during the field trip to discover the process of making homegrown cotton of Thai ethnic minority in Chieng So commune, Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province. Thank all the artisans, to share their […]

  • Hemp making

    “Only wearing hemp cloth that avoid losing ancestors.”
    “Those who cannot make hemp white do not have a good heart.”
    – Ancient Hmong proverb –
    Hemp plant and hemp weaving has been an indispensable part of Hmong culture. Symbolically hemp represents various aspects […]


    The Hmong are particularly skillful at batik. With batik, they are able to make multiple patterns on indigo backgrounds, such as snail designs, zigzags, and other meaningful patterns for skirts, pick-aback baby carriers, etc. It may be difficult to comprehend […]

  • Pattern Story

    Thai people often say that “Hold hands down, then see the cloud, raised hands to see flowers “. Brocade making is a very important culture, attached to the Thai from birth, grow up until the return to the “sky”. Each […]