Ethnic Exhibition, Cultural Talk & Craft Workshop – Chie Cocoon, Hanoi Old’s Quarter

Located on the second floor of Chie DuPuDuPa Social Enterprise in the heart of Hanoi, Chie Cocoon serves as a personal “museum” where you’ll be greeted by a collection of exquisite artifacts that embody the essence of the ethnic minority groups from the Northwest. Each artifact on display tells a story, reflecting the daily lives and traditions of the ethnic communities. 

Textile Linker collaborates with Chie DuPuDuPa Social Enterprise to organize cultural talk and craft workshop in a quiet and heritage-rich cultural space. The cultural life of the Northwest is a colorful treasure, the customs, conceptions of nature and spirituality of the minorities will be vividly and closely reproduced through sharing sessions. We will then join in a hand-ons workshop making stuffed elephant with ethnic fabric. You will be guided through the basic steps of hand-sewing and embroidery to be able to unleash your creativity.


  • PLACE: Chie Cocoon, 2rd floor, 66 Hang Trong, Hanoi
  • TIME: 2.5 hours
  • PRICE: 460,000 VND/person ($20) for a group of 5 persons.
  • The price includes cultural talk, all materials for the workshop, storyteller-instructor, herbal tea & green bean cake.

The workshop can be customized. Please contact us by email for more information.