Handspun Hemp Indigo Dye

Handspun Hemp Indigo Dye

“To be a successful dye, the vat must have a fresh lively color. Some people have been known to cry in their heart all their life because they are unable to make indigo properly so their cloths have the color of an old crow. You can see them at the festivals, they are the ones who look so sad wearing unpleasant indigo colors.” – Hmong people –

Not only are the Hmong good at hemp weaving, they also utilize a special indigo dyeing technique. As a natural dyeing substance, indigo is widely used by ethnic minority groups throughout South East Asia. In the northern mountainous area of Vietnam there are many indigo varieties and each ethnic minority group is known to use a specific strand of the indigo plant.

The making process of indigo dye:

Step 1: Cultivate indigo plant

Step 2: Make concentrated indigo

Step 3: Prepare indigo vat

Step 4: Dye the fabric in indigo vat

Step 5: Dry the fabric